Life teaches everyone the same chapters in a different way

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For every time you have weeped
Cause they didn’t treat you right,
For every wound you have held
And covered it subtly, only to forgive,
For every thought you had that tomorrow will be different
Have trust that they will bear the fruit of their own deeds.

For every pain that you endured
Only to get more of it back,
For every reason you overlooked to leave
Only to end with no reason to stay,
For every time you made the same mistake
Mistaking it to be just the circumstances,
Believe me, it will all go back to them.


Steps to make the red flags look clearer.

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Each of us witnesses ups and downs in our relations, whether friendships, commitments, or maybe a parent-child relationship. These storms in any relationship can work both ways, that is change a relationship for the better or make things worse. Having said this, there come times when we start questioning whether we should put in more effort or give up.

This seems to be a tough choice for most of us and often leads us to make wrong decisions which we regret later. Apart from the big red flags that are a big no in each relation, there too exist problems…

A 3 step filter to choose your writing topics

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“It was a fantastic story and I had put in so much hard work, why didn’t it gain views!”

We all have fallen prey to spending hours writing about a topic thinking “this story will be a big hit” and later got disappointed by its stats. On the contrary, it often happens that a story that we post with mediocre expectations hits a record. While it’s difficult to determine what will really work in the writing world but, there are surely some things that we can do to not get ourselves disappointed in the end.

Firstly, the biggest deciding factor…

Positive feedbacks can provide a lot more than just joy.

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Instagram stores are a great alternative to online shopping websites. A possible reason to support this is most people spend a huge amount of time scrolling through social media, especially Instagram. And therefore, the more the audience, the more the customers. However, with their simplicity, there comes a great hurdle in the way: competition.

With the increase in the number of people taking up to the platform to promote their businesses, it is becoming difficult for small and new ones to grow larger. …

India’s present situation explained

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Indian government has received a lot of criticism regarding mishandling and irresponsible behavior in the COVID crises. While the seven years-old promise of bringing in the “ache din” or the good days stands unfulfilled, the present situation has further added to people’s misery. Issues that need to be spoken about and solved are being suppressed by the government and Indian media.

The world’s largest democracy has failed its people miserably. The Indian media glorifies the government and promises its audience that the nation stands at a good position in terms of basic necessities such as healthcare. …

#3 Keeping up with the writing trends

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Lately, I began to monitor my routine closely and realized there were significant differences in it on the days when I write articles and the ones when I don’t. There were a few habits that I can particularly call as a part of my writing routine that helps me write better. They too help me avoid common problems which every writer faces at some point in their writing.

For example, when we have a great point in our mind in the process of developing our story and just after a few minutes we forget what it was. This situation can…

The case count rises to 400k, the largest ever recorded in a single day

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India is witnessing another terrific wave of the infamous coronavirus commonly known as the second wave. While the pandemic begins to die down in the other parts of the world, India is battling with the virus with more than 400K cases each day. While the never-ending disease brings with it an hour of panic, misery, and losses, the people of India are fighting much more than just the emotional and mental stress.

India’s lack of proper medical facilities is becoming a cause of worry for those affected by the coronavirus. Other nations including the US, Russia, and Germany are stepping…

The success story of Jio, India’s largest telecommunications company.

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A figure of 16 million is a huge hit, especially in such a short time such as a month. Jio is an India based telecommunications company which provides calling and internet facilities. It had a blockbuster entry in the year 2016, surpassing all its competitors in a year’s time.

The company resort to practice a few bizarre Marketing strategies in the initial months of its launch that led to its huge success. These strategies can be easily modified to suit any brand that wants to grow its audience, so let’s dig in and see if you find something for yourself!

1. Giving a trial to potential users

Sub-headings can provide an instant appeal to your story

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Lately, I have gained a lot of interest in reading stories and articles. A reason behind the same is that I firmly believe 'to be a writer, reading should be a daily habit'. However, certain stories that are longer than 10 minutes keep me hooked till the end, and some that are even below 3 minutes, make me feel to stop reading them in between.

Having tried to figure out the reason behind it, I realized the presentation of the story plays a major role. There are a lot of tips and tricks to make the stories look more appealing…

#1 Challenging the customer

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In today’s world, everything has come down to how well you can promote your brand. No matter how well you have implemented your idea or how great your product is, if your audience does not get to know about it, it’s of no use. Marketing strategies are what is used while promoting a product.

But these strategies involve a lot of thought process before they can be implemented. With the world getting smaller day by day, it’s hard to come up with a new and distinct idea every day. The ones who can, end up winning the race.

Here I…

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