Sub-headings can provide an instant appeal to your story

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The two bills that will render the Indian farmers helpless

Image showing the farmers' protest in Delhi| Source: Scoopwhoop Unscripted

Just #writing will not work

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Your cover image requires a lot more time

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#PMcares doesn’t mean the PM cares

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The case count rises to 400k, the largest ever recorded in a single day

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The success story of Jio, India’s largest telecommunications company.

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1. Giving a trial to potential users

#1 Challenging the customer

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A simple guide to draw Bar Charts, Line charts, and Pie charts in Python

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Philosophy with fiction can be a good combination, learn how.

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Niyati Jain

Writes on topics including Politics, World, Social Change| Trying to contribute my bit in making the world a better place| Speaking what needs to be told

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